10 celebrities that used to be gorgeous. How they look before and after plastic surgery.

In pursuit of eternal youth, many celebrities spend a huge fortune and do not leave the offices of plastic surgeons. Of course, there are many surgeries with positive effects, but sometimes, such interventions end up not in the best way.
Beautiful World would like to present to you 10 celebrities who used to have an absolutely beautiful and natural face, but they do not anymore. Let’s look at their “before” and “after”.

1. Emmanuelle Beart

2. Meg Ryan

3. Kim Basinger

4. Yvonne Weldon

5. Jacqueline Stallone

6. Donatella Versace

7. Sidney Rum

8. Michaela Romanini

9. Elsa Patton

10. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Sometimes, in pursuit of beauty, we forget that real beauty is our natural selves, and by keeping that, we will never become ugly. What do you think about that?