100.000 dogs die annually and here is why.

While riding a car we may notice some trucks and a happy face of a pet staring at the road from it. At the first glace in looks very cute, however because of the dogs are transported in the trucks, more than 100.000 dogs die annually.

The cars’ trucks are not save place for dogs’ transportation. Except the possible human accidents, sometimes dogs notice something interesting and jump from the truck to catch it. Even though most dogs are smart, they are very emotional and active.

In addition, we would not suggest tethering in the back of a truck, because it could jump over the side and hang itself.
Another reason to keep the dog inside the vehicle is the wind. No, it will not blow it away, however, the wind can put so much pressure the puppy it might cause breathing issues. In addition, there is a high likelihood that something may hit in the dog’s eye, nose or ears. It is ok if it happens in your house backyard, however in the open it may lead to the unwilling results.

Leashing a pet in the truck bed is not an option as well, since in case of an accident your friend would completely helpless.

However, if you have no other options than to transport your dog in the truck, make sure you took every measure to keep him save from wind, heat and unexpected other circumstances.

There is not a law that strictly forbid transporting pets or other animals in the truck, however there are four states that if you are caught, you will have to pay fines up to $200.

In any case, we suggest you keeping your friend inside of the vehicle at all costs. Keep him safe!