13 Beloved Actors Of Popular Harry Potter Movies: Here Is How Their Cinematographic Carrier Ended.

One of the most popular series of books and movies about wizard Harry became a part of our childhood. Who hasn’t watched or read the story of a guy who survived? Especially in the wintertime, something like nostalgia sets in when we want to re-watch all the movies and once again listen to the familiar sounds of Christmas song in Hogwarts.

We, in Beautiful World, wanted to find out what happened to the actors of favorite characters. Isn’t it interesting to see what happened to the actor who made you fell in love with him, surprised you or maybe even made you hate him? In any case, the once who made our childhood worth our attention and interest. So, let’s find out together how their cinematographic carrier continues.

1. Gregory Goyle — Joshua Herdman

We all remember Goyle — a supporter of Draco Malfoy, into whom turned Harry in the second part of Harry Potter. Now Joshua is a mixed martial artist.

2. Vincent Crabbe — Jamie Waylett

The second «villain» was less fortunate in life. He spent two years in prison because the police found marijuana at his home. Before that, he was spotted with an explosive mixture in the street.

3. Luna Lovegood — Evanna Lynch

An 11-year-old girl wrote a letter to Rowling telling that she suffers from anorexia and wants to play in Harry Potter. Joan sent her an answer, and after correspondence, invited the girl to try on the role. The role of Luna Lovegood. Therefore, a girl without acting education walked around 15 thousand girls. The girl continues acting and starred in the show.

4. Dudley Dursley — Harry Melling

The role of Dudley was decisive for the boy — he continued his studies in acting and plays in the theater. In the last film of Harry Potter, he lost so much weight that he was applied makeup.

5. Seamus Finnigan — Devon Murray

He had already played before the shooting of Harry Potter, so he was taken without trial even without knowing anything about the story. It is recognized that in Ireland, the role of Seamus did not glorify him. Devon is interested in horse riding.

6. Ginny Weasley — Bonnie Wright

Brother Bonnie said she looked like Ginny, so the actress came to audition. Now she is a director and producer in the own film company. She also does charity work.

7. Fred and George Weasley — James and Oliver Phelps

The twins are not actors, but they always loved the world of Harry Potter. Their mother was sympathetic to the hobby and took them to the audition. Now they continue to act in films.

8. Victor Kram — Stanislav Yanevsky

The Bulgarian, after filming in the Harry Potter films, continued his acting career.

9. Oliver Wood — Sean Biggerstaff

Alan Rickman, who had previously shot Sean in his film, recommended the actor.

10. Lee Jordan — Luke Youngblood

The actor still plays in films and series, and sings great.

11. Colin Creevy — Hugh Mitchell

The role for the boy was bright. Now he continues to play a movie, sings and engages in photography.

12. Neville Longbottom — Matthew Lewis

Lewis was unlucky in the film and life. At the casting, he and his mother stood for five hours, and when he was approved, he needed to wear makeup and many linings to be absurd. Once Helena Bonham Carter accidentally pierced his eardrum, and for some time he could not hear. Now he continues his carrier as an actor.

13. Draco Malfoy — Tom Felton

In the film, Draco and the main characters were enemies, but they were friends outside the frames. Emma Watson even once admitted that Tom was her first love. He starred in movies before Harry Potter and even sang, and continues to this day.

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