14 Beautiful Photos Depicting The Whole Beauty Of Mother Nature.

If not the Internet, we wouldn’t discover the whole beauty of nature. So many hidden corners and unusual creatures of our nature would be stayed unknown for public if not the world wide web.

Beautiful World would like to present you 14 beautiful, strange and funny creatures of nature. We would like to show you something you haven’t seen yet and we are sure you would be surprised.

1. Alive but empty inside

Yes, this is possible! Lightning sometimes strikes on very tall trees, as a result of which the core completely burns out. But the case of the tree is pretty fire-resistant.

2. Apple

The tree grew near the power line, which somehow influenced the structure of the core. The price of one piece of wood should be something around $999.

3. Bees found their home

4. It was snowing the whole night. We opened the door in the morning and saw another door of snow.

5. It seems to be the poster for Aliens movie, but it is just a tomato.

Unfortunately, these are not sprouting of new tomatoes, but spores of a specific mushroom.

6. The roof of my car with special plastic cover. Now I understand why I needed that cover.

7. Transparent leaf

In this photo you can see the result of decellularization, which is a process as a result of which the extracellular matrix is isolated from its inhabiting cells.

8. The skeleton of a snake.

This snake lived on the territory of Columbia 60 million years ago. The animal was 15 meters in length and weighted around a tone.

9. Coconut crab

These crabs live in the tropics on the Indian Islands. The local inhabitants thought that these crabs climb the palms and eat coconut this is why they named the crabs this way, however, the crabs wat the fallen coconuts. They are very big. For comparison you can see them on a photo with a dog.

10. Glass floats

The glass fishing floats first appeared in 1842 in Japan. They were used by fishermen to keep the fishing nets. The fishermen usually made them from sake’s bottles, that’s why most of the glass floats are green.

11. The ice-heart of your ex

12. Giant squid on the coast of New Zealand

The giant squid is 8 meters and looks like a legendary monster.

13. Spider trees

The spider trees look gorgeous; however, their story isn’t so beautiful as they are. In 2010, there was a severe flood in Pakistan, as a result of which many spiders had to live on the trees. It looks terrifying, however locals like the trees.

14. Tasmania island

Charming beach on Tasmania Island will let you walk in the starry sky.

Tell us which one impressed you the most.