14 children and parents’ photos that are more reliable than any DNA test.

When people live together for a long time, they start to behave and look alike. The same we might think about children. However, some children inherited something unique from their parents that even DNA tests couldn’t be so reliable.

Beautiful World would like to share with you 14 children and parent photos, proving that they are relative in one single glance.

1. They sleep the same way

2. Amazing eyes

3. Long hair, don’t care

4. Minimized version of my husband

5. Definitely my san

6. Me and my father at the same age.

7. Wow, that’s my boy!

8. Left thumb looks like my mothers, the right one – like fathers

9. We all have the same face

10. Little cutie has something very special from her mummy

11. I woke up and saw this. Can’t stop taking photos of them

12. The parent’s index was cut off when he was 10. His boy’s index in shorter than the rest.

13. Different color eye

14. Totally the same face with another color of beard

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