14 wonderful cakes, that will amaze with their exceptional beauty.

Cakes are one of the most important parts of many event. No birthday or especially wedding isn’t organized without the final gem – the cake. And it’s really important to make it impress – it is the final note of the whole event.
Beautiful World would like to present you 14 wonderful cakes by a Russian confectioner, that will amaze you with their exceptional beauty. These cakes are so breathtaking, that they must be shown in the museums.

1. Castle

This is a real sculpturing. This cake consists of around 20 thousand separate parts that are collected together. There are more than 700 windows and all the flowers are created from the separate petals that are counted around 126.000. This is a real patience.

2. Northern lights

This cake is totally eatable, and we cannot even imagine how he managed to get the whole gradient of colors.

3. Crystal

The decorations aren’t of glass they are made of caramel.

4. Magic castle

Each floor differs and the lights make it a real majestic place.

5. Morocco

Just a one glance to this cake will make you fly to Morocco in imagination.

6. Valeri Fountain

A totally handmade and eatable cake. The water is made of caramel, the exceptional status of chocolate. It’s hard to cut the cake and eat it.

7. Magic apples

The magic apples are made of caramel using the same technic as making Venetian glass.

8. The Louvre

The source of inspiration is in the name. The first that catches the eye is the chocolate chandelier. However, now we suggest looking deeper and look at the pictures in frame – these are chocolate too. Imagine how hard it is to create one.

9. Dancing swans

These birds of caramel are really majestic.

10. Flying butterflies

We don’t know how he creates it, but the caramel butterflies are really dancing.

11. My big delicious cake

This elegant cake is 16.4 ft tall.

12. Baccarat

All the decorations are made of caramel. The cake is 11.4 ft tall.

13. A romantic story

The cake is really impressing with its illumination, height and beauty.

14. Zwinger Castle

This cake is a real chef-d’oeuvre. It weights 4 tons, is 22 ft in length and is 11.4ft height. And there is something special happening in the windows of the castle.

Would you dare to eat a cake like this?