15 famous sights, that are shown from an unusual angle.

We all know the most famous places for sightseeing in the world. And we all have seen them for 1000 of time, if not in real life, but in the photos for sure. We are sure you remember how the Eifel tower looks like, but have you ever though how it looks from another angle?
Beautiful World would like to show you the most touristic places from another point of view. It’s time to discover them form another angle.

1. Tower of Pisa, view from inside

2. Sydney Opera House, view from above

3. David, back view

4. View of New York from the head of the Statue of Liberty

5. Eiffel Tower at night, bottom view

6. Es meky imast chga amerikacineri hamar — View of Volgograd from the statue «Motherland is calling!»

7. Mona Lisa in the Louvre, side view

8. Mosque to the right of the Taj Mahal, view from the Taj Mahal

9. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, satellite photo

10. Burj Khalifa and other Dubai skyscrapers among the clouds

11. Stonehenge and its surrounding infrastructure

12. “Dragon Head” — the end / beginning of the Great Wall of China in the east

13. And this is Jiayu — the western outpost of the Great Wall of China

14. White House, USA, side view

15. View from the top of the Cheops Pyramid

16. The inside of the Statue of Liberty

Bonus: Roman Colosseum in winter

Have you ever experienced looking at them from this point of view? Please share your feeling in the comments.