15 huge cates that surprise the imagination.

We are used to seeing little kittens and love them for their cuteness. However, these cats broke all our ideas of cute cats.
We are sharing with you 15 photos of huge cats that with one their look will turn you into stone. They are so big, that we even don’t know if they are small tigers or really big cats. With one their tail they can break all of your plates you have on the table. And they behave like the owners of people. Be ready to be surprised! When you second child is indeed your cat

1. 12 kilograms of fluffy happiness

2. Big Lebovski – this is his name

3. I am not fat, I am fluffy

4. My own tiger

5. Everyone wants this guy

6. How dare you, human being!

7. He looks like a really big pillow

8. Big cat, big eyes

9. Miaou

10. This human being looks very comfortable, I should lie on it

11. Surprise in his eyes

12. My daddy gave him a new name – big fat cat. I think the cat is not happy with that.

13. Yes, they are cute

14. I am Batman


Would you like to have one?