15 Joyful Photos of Teeny Harvest Mice That Will Definitely Make You Smile And Forget About Any Troubles.

The tiny harvest mouse is one of the cutest rodents in the world. A size smaller than an adult’s thumb, blunt nose, small hairy ears, and little eyes make this cute creature so adorable. Their curious behavior makes them ideal models for photographing.

Beautiful World would like to present you 15 joyful photos of teeny harvest mice made by UK-based wildlife photographer Dean Mason. These incredible photos will definitely make you smile.

1. I am a Superman and I am going to jump

2. Looks like a remake of Jean Claude van Damme’s commercial

3. He stood on my shoes and it is really hard to notice this tiny creature

4. Find me if you can

5. Relaxing

6. Acrobat

7. He is climbing everywhere

8. They definitely like eating

9. Found him?

10. Look at his cute eyes. Isn’t he adorable?

11. He eats too much in comparison with his size

12. So romantic

13. I am on the top of the world

14. This is even cuter than I could ever imagine

15. Reading is my passion … truffles are my life

Aren’t you already in love with these tiny creatures? Please tell us in the comments.