15 photos presenting the record flood in Venice. It goes down to the sea.

The flood that happened in Venice this year is called apocalyptical. The narrow streets of this incredible city literally became a part of the river. The flood level reached the record since 1966. This year the level of the river from 12th to 13th November got the mark of 187sm. It is really devastating to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world to be lost step by step.

1. The main square of San Marco is fully under water and more looks like a lake.

For the comparison you can enjoy the picture of San Marco in a sunny dry day.

2. Usually the main square is full of tourists and sometimes it’s really difficult to walk there, however, now it’s empty… well, empty of people, but full of water.

3. The Crypt of the San Marco basilic is located not far from the square and it’s also fully flooded.

4. On Tuesday more than 85% of the city was under water. The government insists that the main reason is the climate change.

5. It seems that the nature is really angry on Venice: in addition to the flood it was also raining. The climate has gone mad!

6. This is how most of the restaurants look from inside. It’s shocking

7. People are taking all the possible measures to save their homes

8. At this moment you realize that a bag of $1000 doesn’t really matter if you stand in front of a natural phenomenon.

9. The toilets are working the other way around.

10. Gondolas are stopped. No more Venetian magic.

11. Most of the Venetians stay at home, because they aren’t able to move

12. The others take all the measures to get their homes

13. Meanwhile tourists

14. Most of them are using bridges for the passengers

15. Even the artworks of Banksy are under the water.

Have you already visited Venice?