15 Surprising Things, When In Ordinary Objects Was Found Something That Shouldn’t Be There.

Sometimes we find something that we never expect in ordinary things. It feels like finding a treasure just walking on a street.

Beautiful World would like to share 15 photos that hide something pretty interesting. Discover what is inside the ordinary objects with us!

1. An egg inside an egg

2. It was all in a baseball ball

3. I made a bracelet from an ordinary roulette

4. The dog toy had a plastic bottle inside

5. That’s what exercise mats are filled with

6. A pawn inside the queen

7. They made a rope from a diaper

8. Double ice-cream

9. I accidentally broke the statue with fogs and discovered there is a pig playing a guitar inside it

10. Double protection

11. Three pinky batteries are hidden in a one-time charge for an iPhone

12. A stone inside a stone

13. A case made of recycled material

14. I was playing too enthusiastic and broke the dies, and found a totally new one inside.

15. A cigarette is walled up at the base of the dispenser

Which one surprised you the most? Please tell us in the comments.