16 creatures of nature, that can be used to better illustrate the word “huge”.

No matter how many encyclopedias you have read, even they explain very good how huge a wale is looking, you would never imagen their real scales.
Beautiful World shares with you 15 photos of creatures that will depict their real sizes. Just feel how incredible it is to swim next to a gigantic wale or live with a cat of a 5-years-old size.

1. The difference in the size of the cicadas in Malaysia

2. An ordinary girl and an ordinary Galapagos tortoise

3. My 8-month rabbit is still growing

4. Maine Coon and Dachshund

5. A 500-kilogram bone

6. Big Jack, he is 2 meters

7. The size of ammonite that existed 400 million years ago

8. Humpback whales. They are enormous

9. Palm thief — a type of crayfish that can reach a weight of up to 4 kilograms

10. Feather size of turkey neck and California condor

11. The perfectly preserved remains of the ankylosaurus. He was the size of a car

12. Sixth graders near the Tula Tree. The size of his crown is almost two tennis courts

13. The eye of a giant squid in human hands

14. The difference in size between the two species of ants

15. The real size of peacock-eye atlas

Which one impressed you the most? Share with us in the comments.