16 Hilarious Photos of Synchronized Swimmers That Prove That They Are Definitely Aliens.

We can’t stop admiring the synchronized swimming. The smooth movements of beautiful swimmers create another level of art and sports combination. By looking at the videos with their incredible performance, it’s hard to believe that they are human beings. But once you stop the scene on their faces, you make sure that they are aliens.

Beautiful World would like to share 16 hilarious photos of synchronized swimmers, which prove that they are from another planet. These photos will make your day!

1. It seems they are eating invisible apples

2. Quite a funny face

3. She is surprised

4. High five in the alien way

5. When you talk via phone and understand no-one answers

6. When you really need to win

7. Why I am here? I was on the Mars and woop… I am swimming in the water.

8. I don’t want to see this again

9. They look really angry

10. Let’s hit the road

11. It’s all about the size!

12. When you decided to change the profession in the middle of your successful career

13. Very artistic jump

14. We are whales

15. Zombie, Zombie, Zombie

16. Just smile and wave

Do you enjoy synchronized swimming? What about their facial expressions?