17 hilarious pet styling that are really odd but incredible.

Pet styling is becoming more and more popular. They participate on the international beauty competitions and for some of them modeling is even a profession. However, there are owners who are expressing their sense of humor and make their pets the object of their jokes.
Beautiful World would like to present you 17 pet haircuts that totally express the owner’s sense of humor.

1. Oops, was he in a box, or what?

2. I asked to shave a heart on the dog’s butt. Expectations vs reality.

3. A little fashionista.

4. Dressed up and ready

5. He thinks he looks cool

6. The best haircut

7. Looks like a chicken 😀

8. Boys of looking at me when I am dressed up

9. Is it cartoon or what?

10. Creative

11. My own crocodile

12. He looks depressed

13. He looks twisted

14. Heady guy

15. Half of my cat

16. He doesn’t look like a serious guy

17. What have they done to me?

Which one was the funniest to you? Share with us in the comment.