17 Incredible Abandoned Places On Which Time Has Left Its Mysterious Imprint, And That’s Why They Attract Us So Much.

Unquestionably beautiful houses, hotels, cinemas, and other pieces of architectural art remain attractive even after humanity abandons them. The abandoned buildings, on which time has left its imprint, look much more mysterious than new ones – and this is what makes them so beautiful.

Beautiful World would like to share 17 photos of abandoned places that charm with their mystery very much.

1. Abandoned castle in France

2. Brazilian Restaurant of 1950s

3. Abandoned Church in the Czech Republic

4. A village in China that nature is slowly taking away

5. Abandoned church in France

6. Hall with old slot machines

7. Button factory staircase

8. Soviet pioneer camp “Fairy Tale”

9. Buzludzha monument, Bulgaria

10. Statues of US Presidents

11. Abandoned house

12. Japanese forgotten hotel

13. New Bedford Orpheum Theatre

14. View of the 200-meter mast of the radio center

15. It’s not a cemetery, it’s an old cinema theater

16. The abandoned village Gamsutl in Dagestan

17. The church bell tower in Resia, Italy

Aren’t they incredible? Would you like to visit these places? Please write us in the comments.