17 Pphotos Showing Japanese Innovations That Make Our Lives So Easier.

The country of the rising sun is a unique place with interesting culture and exceptional way of thinking. The Japanese are famous with their anime, manga, temples, geishas and totally different perception of life. However, the Japanese do not stop surprising us.

Beautiful World would like to present you 17 creative innovations by the Japanese, that are making our lives so comfortable.

A breastfeeding device for fathers. Isn’t in genius?

A self-moving suitcase. I definitely need this.

Japan is a heaven for solo traveler bloggers. There are special places to hold your smartphone so you can take a beautiful selfie with panorama.

A parking slot for disabled is controlled remotely.

A lamp for the moment when one of you wants to read the other one is already sleeping.

In Japan you can take a foot bath in train.

This machine distributes free umbrellas on the rainy days.

The canals in Japan are so clean that Koi fish live there.

There are tableaus in the Japanese toilets showing free and occupied spots.

There are special refrigerators in shopping centers that keep your food cool while you shop.

Keep your smartphone clean.

Child seats in the bathroom for moms.

If you buy a gum in Japan, there are pieces of paper so you can split it in when you finish chewing.

In some elevators there are special seats that can be used as toilets in case of emergency.

There is a special button in taxi to slow the speed down it in case you want.

An instruction in the dressing room to help you keep your makeup.

The Japanese respect to the rules is something that we really need to take into account.

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