17 Talented Designers Who Proved That Their Imagination Has No Boundaries.

In the modern world, it is hard to create something new and original. All the possible imaginary items are created a long time ago and are in general use now. The only thing we can do is to develop or redesign them. Here comes the great job of designers too. Today, the job of designers is not only in creating accurate and attracting packaging but also in making the product more useful. It doesn’t matter whether the design is for commercial use or public. Nowadays, the big part of the job of the designer is to create something that wouldn’t harm the environment and would help all the consumers to maximum enjoy the product.

Beautiful World would like to present you 17 creative solutions that prove that the imagination of designers has no limits.

1. Dumbbell shape bottle for healthy lifestyle!

2. Swimming is easier with these ones.

3. The signal bottom for blind people shows how many lines they have to cross and the direction of traffic. Integration starts from facilities.

4. Finger cookies to enjoy Nutella

5. Practical and beautiful

6. Bread for the ones who have fit body.

7. Liquid death – a prove that alcohol doesn’t harm you, water does.

8. The bike rack at the dentist’s office.

10. Salt-pepper, now you don’t have to count holes.

11. Warning! Hot sauce. So hot that it can explode.

12. A restaurant in London has very creative sign.

13. A bench for reading.

14. Sticky notes create a town full of adventures.

15. Scissors for everything.

16. A travel passport that allows you to mark the places where you have already been.

17. A special road for hedgehogs who loves travelling.

Which one would you like to use? Please tell us in the comments.