18 Hollywood Legends Now And Before. How They Look In Old Age.

Some actors make history and they made Hollywood a cinematographic center of the world. Unfortunately, some of them have already passed away. However, there are also the ones who still live with us on this planet. We are proud to have this possibility to remember them once again.
Beautiful World would like to share 18 living legends of Hollywood and show how they look now and before.

1. Angela Lansbury.

2. Dick Van Dyke.

3. Betty White.

4. Olivia de Havilland.

5. Norman Lloyd.

6. Eva Marie Saint.

7. Rosemary Harris.

8. Kirk Douglas.

9. Estelle Parsons.

10. Gina Rowlands.

11. Sean Connery.

12. Barbara Eden.

13. Michael Kane.

14. Nichelle Nichols.

15. Kim Novak.

16. Julie Newmar.

17. Richard Chamberlain.

18. Shirley McLain.

We have to remember our legends so that we would be able to create as good as they did.