18 photos of Senior Pugs, that will prove that they aren’t any less cute.

We all adore baby pugs and they are simply gorgeous. Even though the breed of pugs lives a long life, at some point they start to show symptoms of aging. Usually at the age of 9, they are considered as Senior Pugs. However, in the heart they stay young and behave like youngsters. So, it wouldn’t be so easy to spot when the young pug enters its senior years.
Beautiful World would like to show you 18 photos of Senior Pugs that will prove that they aren’t less cute, and age is just a number even for the dogs.

1. He’s got some white hairs

2. Even he is quite old he is still active

3. “My old boy”

4. He still adores taking bath in this pot

5. “My dog looks so happy when he takes bath, I can’t stand taking pictures of him”

6. Unfortunately, they start getting tired more easily

7. This old boy is smiley as usual

8. He likes spending time outside under the sun

9. Cute as always

10. He might be a good emoji to express my mood on Monday morning

11. His fur become grey step by step

12. His happy face when we spend time together

13. The best friend ever

14. While he is sleeping

15. The love that lasts forever

16. He behaves like in his young ages

17. All time friends

18. He will be your sweet baby

Do you have your lovely old best friend? Share with us his photos.