18 Rare Photos of Princess Diana and Her Sons Showing That The Love of A Mother To Her Children Has No Royal Protocol.

The love of a mother has no boundaries. It is the only pure and undoubtedly feeling that would pass any rules to ensure a good life for the children. Princess Diana proved the world that Royal Families are not an exclusion.

Beautiful World would like to share with you 18 rare photos of Princess Diana and her sons. These photos are full of tenderness and pure love of the mother.

1. Prince William was born in 1982

2. Diana gave all her love to him

3. 2 years later Prince Harry was born
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4. They had special connection

5. Diana did her best to ensure a normal life for them

6. They enjoyed playing music together

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7. She accompanied her children to school

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8. They spent a lot of time together

9. Harry was always next his mother
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10. Later in one of the interviews, Prince Harry told that Diana filled their life with the filling that they are normal children. Starting from spontaneous visits to cinema until with traveling out of the town for pic-nick.

11. They went to vacations together

12. And spent really great time together

13. Diana did not shy of expressing her love to the sons in public

14. She was a great mother for them





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