18 Stunning Photos Of Tibetan Mastiffs That Seem To Be Domestic Bears.

If you always dreamt about having domestic bear, then you’ve found the breed of dogs you would adore. Tibetan Mastiffs are giant walking fur carpets that will protect your house no matter what. These unbelievable dogs are very intelligent and friendly. Despite their severe appearance, they are very kind and bright.

Beautiful World would like to present you 18 stunning photos of Tibetan Mastiffs, that will make you dream about having one.

1. He is huge and fluffy

2. Like father, like son

3. A perfect wool ball

4. He is veeeeery kind boy

5. My daughter and my dog are almost the same size

6. Gone with the wind

7. My protection

8. I guess he is mostly made of fur

9. I got my personal domestic bear

10. Teaching younger generations

11. He is perfect from every perspective

12. Having fun

13. Aren’t they alike?

14. My big boy

15. I think this one is a lion

16. Some very cute moments with my dog

17. 60km of happiness … we are about the guy, the dog is around 75km

18. I don’t like guests, so I asked my dogs not to allow anyone to come in.


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