19 Amazing Photos of A Tribe From South Sudan Who Considers Cows As A Currency.

There is a tribe in South Sudan, which has traditions and ways of living worth sharing with the whole world. The entire life of the tribe Mundari goes alongside with the cows. The cows are used for almost everything. First and the most interesting is that the cows are considered as currency. Besides, the members of the tribe drink cows’ milk directly from the udder. And finally, since the cows are considered sacred animals, the tribe takes shower from cows’ pee, as it’s believed it cures all the illnesses.

Today, Beautiful World would like to share 19 incredible photos by Mario Geert, who has visited the tribe and took photos of the amazing lifestyle of the tribe.

The tribe roams with their herds along the Nile, where they find food for their cows.

Mundari considers people and cows to be equal and treat them as relatives. And as you see from the photo, this boy drinks milk directly from the udder. As if from his mother’s breast.

From the giant horn of bulls, they make musical instruments.

The tribe takes care of the cows and never eats their meat.

They regularly take a shower of their pee, which considered to be a healthy procedure.

The white color on the men’s face is a traditional coloring in the tribe.

As well as they wear corset from the colorful threads.

They make special cuts on men’s foreheads, which symbolizes their belonging to the tribe.

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