19 most expensive breeds of cants in the world that will conquer your heart.

Cats become an unseparated part of our life. Every day we are looking at the funny photos of many of them and some of us dream about one, some of us have them at home. The one that enters your home enters your heart too. Although, we are used to distinguish only the breeds of the dogs, cats have also many exceptional breeds that cots a fortune.
Beautiful World would like to share with you 19 exceptional breeds of cats that with only one look will enter your heart. Be ready to fell in love with a very expensive cat.

1. Himalayan cat.

This cat looks like a Persian cat, however it’s not the same. It has deep blue eyes and dark fluffy fur on the parts of face and tail. A price for a Himalayan kitten varies between $500 and $1300.

2. Ashera

This is the most expensive exotic cat. This breed was created by combining domestic house cat and an Asian leopard cat. This cat costs like a car – from $22.000 to $100.000

3. Egyptian Mau

It has been around for 3000 years and looks almost the same as her first ancestors. This cat costs between $500 and $1500, and her beautiful blue eyes will make you fall in love with her.

4. Peterbald

The Russian version of Sphynx cat. It was first bred in 1990’s. These cats are very intelligent and cost from $400 to $1200.

5. Bengal Cat

Another mix of Asian Leopard cat with domestic cat is an impressive breed. It looks like a leopard and may become a small version of a real leopard at home. The price of these cats differs between $1000 and $4000

6. Norwegian Forest cat

Another name of this cat is a Viking cat. They are good hunters with a perfect fur that will make you want to hug it every moment. The price is from $600 and $3000

7. Maine Coon

It is known as one of the heaviest domestic cats – 33ibs. Despite big sizes they are very active. The price for this cat is between $600 and $1500

8. Khao Manee

This cat is considered a symbol of wealth and luck. Of course, for such a beauty you have to pay a beautiful amount of money — between $700 and $11000

9. American Curl

This breed originates from California. They have exceptional ears that are turned back. It costs around $1000 to $3000.

10. Elf Cat

It’s a relatively new breed and was created only in 2006. It’s a very friendly and intelligent cat which will cost you around $200

11. Toyger

As the name reminds it’s a toy-liking tiger. You may not be able to have at home a tiger, but you may have this cute Toyger for a price between $500 and $3000.

12. Russian Blue

A true masterpiece. It’s one of the most beautiful and popular cat breeds which cost between $400 and $2000.

13. Scottish Fold

The cutest cat ever. It’s very playful and smart. When they are interested in something and would like to observe it, they stand on their hind legs. They cost between $200 and $1500. So, if you’re lucky enough you can get it for a quite affordable price.

14. Chausie

This breed is very rare and was created combining a domestic cat with a jungle cat. As a rare breed, they cost between $8000 and $10.000. So, be ready to spend a fortune for this beauty.

15. Caracal

They considered as exclusive and expensive pets. Hence, the price is quite high — between $7000 and $10.000.

16. Safari

The story of this breed is pretty interesting. The scientists cross bred a domestic cat with a wild Geoffroy’s when they were studying leukemia. Its weight is usually over 24 pounds and it costs between $4000 and $8000.

17. Serengeti cat

It has a beautiful fur and long legs. Usually its weight is around 26 pounds and it costs between $600 and $2000.

18. LaPerm

This is one of the unique looking cats with curly fur. To get this cat might be a good decision if you’re allergic, because they are hypoallergenic. They cost between $200 and $2000.

19. Savannah cat

They are very intelligent, calm and curious. However, they might weight around 33 pounds. They are gorgeous but cost between $4000 and $22.000.

Which one would you like to get the most? Share with us in the comments.