19 rare animals that would surprise how creative nature is.

Nature is one of the greatest creators. The more we explore the planet, the more amazing creatures we meet, and it’s simply astonishing. There is even a contest of the photos of the most unusual lobsters, and it’s breathtaking to see their magnificent beauty. Yes, even lobsters might look very wondrous.

Beautiful World collected photos of 20 animals that surprised us with their extraordinary appearance. If you were lucky enough to meet these rare animals and capture the moment, then we are jealous of you.

1. Lovely albino elephant

2. Black and white puppy

3. Black jaguar from a zoo in Slovakia

4. Rainbow lobster

5. Lilac-breasted roller – a bright and small beauty

6. Color fox Miko – the color of pink champagne

7. His face looks like a mask

8. Little dragon

9. A fish that look like a blackberry

10. Lovely white giraffe

11. This marine iguana looks like it’s participating in the filming of the next part of Mad Max.

12. Secretary bird whose eyelashes can be in any advertising of mascara

13. Harpy eagle that looks like a real human

14. It looks like all the colors of autumn are inside her

15. Pink grasshopper

16. Striped hyena – doesn’t look gorgeous though

17. They look like dragons, don’t they?

18. Elegant blue Glaucus

19. Pitbull that really looks like a panther

Which of these animals is the most wonderous? Share with us in the comments.