20 gorgeous photos of very interesting things that not everyone is familiar with.

No matter how much a person travels, reads and is exploring, there is always something that he doesn’t know and have never seen. It is never possible that someone might say “Now, I’ve seen everything”. However, Beautiful World would like to make you one step closer to this “everything” that you might see in the future.
Let’s discover now the beauty and mystery of the world together.

1. No-one new how the flower is growing until they took up the old pot.

2. A piece of art from the old gadgets

3. This brick is already 100 years old and there is the hand on the master on it.

4. It’s an engineering barrier

5. The national costumes of Ghana

6. The mutation colored the leaf to the color of the flower

7. It was a prison beforehand and now it’s a hotel

8. Two rivers are combining into one

9. It’s not a micro pumpkin but a Bulgarian pepper

10. An old entrance to the sewer in Germany

11. It’s a head office of Nike and they have a little garden in shape of their logo

12. My cat has combined skin color

13. Real bags that look like drawn ones

14. An old coupon to McDonald’s

15. Speed driving made appearing this pattern

16. A cool effect by my cosmetic bag

17. So many colors in one plant. Isn’t it magic?

18. It is a handmade boat. Imagine, someone created all the details.

19. This is the mollusk Elicia, which is half plant, as it owns


20. View of the city during the day, shot using a timer

What kind of incredible thinks do you know? Share with us in the comments.