20 illustrations that show the real happiness which is in details.

Everyone defines love and happiness in his way, and it’s hard to describe all the tenderness people feel while being happy. The greatest writers, painters and musicians wrote many pieces of arts, but sometimes happiness needs simpler description.
Beautiful World shares with you 20 illustrations that in the simplest manner show the whole tenderness of the real happiness. We are sure that happiness is actually in the small details of our live.

1. Happiness is when you finish your work

2. Relaxation after a hard day

3. When you can enjoy your time walking in the nature with you best friend

4. When you can be in harmony with your thoughts

5. When you wake up with the beloved one and understand that the whole day is yours

6. When you can do nothing

7. Travelling is a magical door the happiness

8. When after a long distance you finally meet your beloved one

9. Sharing important moments with important people

10. Vaca~~~y. Sea, sun and the one you love.

11. That moment when you read and enjoy the moment

12. When they are there for you

13. When you enjoy being alone

14. When he cares about you no matter what

15. When you can talk all night long

16. When every moment is special

17. When you’re happy with who you are

18. When your inner light is stronger than sun

19. When you can go back to your childhood

20. When you feel freedom

What is happiness for you? Which illustration described it the best? Share with us in the comments.