20 magnificent paintings by Claude Monet from which it is impossible to take eyes off.

Claude Monet – the French impressionist painter, was born on November 14, 1840. His father, Auguste Monet, wanted his son to become a grocer, like himself, but fate decided otherwise.
Monet did not like to go to school. He kept skipping lessons that were taken place outside. Even if he got into classes, he regularly painted caricatures in his notebooks, which made teachers very angry. However, in 1855, they became interested in his sketches in Le Havre, where the family moved. In Le Havre, they began to sell his paintings in the local stores.

1. Impression. Sunrise

2. Station St-Lazare in Paris, train arrival

Eugene Boudin – a famous artist, noticed the boy and inspired him to develop his talent.

3. Breakfast on the grass

Monet kept studying, but not in the academy (he was too free for this), but thanks to the disputes with various cultural figures.

4. Woman with an umbrella (Monet’s wife and his son)

Camilla Donsier became his wife, and at the same time, a model. At this time, his paintings were wildly successful.

5. Poplars

Claude Monet called himself a tramp, and indeed – he wandered, he was not accepted. Only in 1883, when he moved to Giverny, and he had his own garden, he again experienced a surge in creativity. It was there that he painted a series of paintings “Water Lilies”.

6. Haystack near Giverny

He always tried to create paintings that had something in common.

7. Vase with chrysanthemums

He incredibly accurately transmitted light in his paintings. He did not accept artificial light, and painted only sun glare. Some of his paintings are completely composed of glare.

8. Woman in the Garden. Sainte Adresse

Now he is one of the most famous and, of course, influential impressionists, whom anyone knows. There is even a series of jokes about the similarities of Monet and another artist – Manet.

9. The Magpie

10. Etretat, the beach and the port of Amon

11. Bordighera, Italy

12. Boats in the port of Honfleur

13. dolphe Monet is reading in the garden

14. View at Rouelles, Le Havre

15. La Corniche near Monaco

16. The Thames

17. Sunflowers

18. Jean Monet on his hobby horse

19. Poppy Field near Argenteuil

20. The Thames

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