20 People Who Didn’t Want To Leave Their Houses And Went Against Huge Corporations.

Home is a special place for every person. No matter how far you are going to travel, or how long you are going to stay away, there should always be a place to come back. And this place is home.
These 20 people said their final world and refused to sell their sweet home for renovations or road building. When these people said they didn’t leave their houses no matter what, they meant exactly that. Even though the whole world was against them, they didn’t stand back.

1. This house is 108 years old. It’s a Seattle farmhouse and belongs to Edith Maysfield. Despite the offer of $1 million, she refused to sell it. Several years later, for the campaign of the movie “UP”, Disney placed balloons on its roof and made this house famous.

2. After Luo Baogen refused to sell his house to let the Chinese government build the main highway, the government just decided to build the road around the house.

3. Salah Ujani was not going to sell his café. The city turned off all the utilities for him. And even after that he continued serving the few regular customers in the old French quarter of Roubaix.

4. When the owner refused to sell his house, the developers who bought everything around, have found a simple solution: cut the half of the house. Fortunately, the demolition didn’t damage the other half of the house.

Photo 20130419. The half-house at 54.5 St. Patrick Street.

5. The Chinese authorities had to build a ring road around this apartment, after the owners of the apartments collectively decided to stay in their houses.

6. Purchased in 1961, this summer home in Atlantic City became the main reason of scandal case after Donald Trump tried to demolish it. In the end, the owner won, although as a result the house was significantly devalued.

7. The descendants of this family cemetery refused to take out the remains when the developer wanted to get land. As a result, the construction team cut out the grave leaving the 9-meter column.

8. This house was planned to be sold to Portland State University. But its owner opposed and won the case.

9. Small developers decided to dig a moat around the house, which they refused to sell. Now the elderly couple who live here must walk knee-deep in the water to simply leave their property.

10. This narrow monastery was once part of a larger complex of 5 houses, before developers decided to rebuild everything. However, the owner Mary Cook refused to move, and the house remains exactly where it was for almost a hundred years.

11. Zheng Meiju stays in this building, although it was split in half. Even without running water and electricity, Zheng says that living in an abandoned building is a better alternative to living on the streets.

12. This house is located in the midst of a huge residential complex, but the owners still refuse to sell it.

13. Today, a small community lives in the shadow of the surrounding apartments for a million dollars just because residents refused to leave their homes.

14. Robert H. Smith purchased a small land on the corner of 34th Street and Broadway for $ 1 million to prevent Macy’s from claiming to be the largest store in the world. Well, Macy’s set a sign on the building anyway, proclaiming itself “the world’s largest store.”

15. For Japanese farmer Takao Shito, maintaining his centuries-old property was literally worth living under the Japanese Narita Airport. The airport was built right next to it.

16. This lonely little house served as a clothing store for the villagers that lived there. After the village grew and became a big town, a huge mall was built next this house.

17. Austin Spriggs refused to sell his house during the real estate boom in the early 2000s. However, after the residential complex and office building appeared next to it, Spriggs sold the house for almost $ 1 million.

18. This owner does not refuse to sell the house, he is just trying to decide what to do with the money. At the same time, the drivers on this Ningbo highway must go around the house if they want to get to where they are going.

19. Vu Pin has been negotiating with the buyers for several years. As a result, she sold the house for an extremely high price.

20. In the 1950s, an Italian wanted to provide electricity to the nearest city and dug an artificial lake, which accidentally flooded the church nearby. Now only the bell tower peeps out from under the surface of the water.

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