20 perfect captures that will lower your stress level with the power of magic.

Scientifics proved that with the higher level of stress we become more perfectionists. Every detail matter, every single leaf that is not on the “right place” makes us crazy. And what to do in that case? Beautiful World has found a perfect solution to lower the stress level not going far from the laptop. Just sit and enjoy the perfect captures.

1. South of France – ideal lavender field

2. Paris – a wall of same-size trees

3. Taipei metro – perfect matching

4. Pies that you don’t want to eat because they are too perfect

5. These dots on the trees aren’t leaves, they are crows. Magical scene

6. Ideal flour

7. I guess these bubbles are perfectionists too

8. Art of cooking

9. The gentle satisfaction of my mind

10. Simulation of red/green color blindness

11. Marshmallow that I would eat with pleasure

12. Chinese cup without a hole? No, just a coffee with milk that has the same shade of brown as the cup

13. It looks like someone from a magical world will appear soon

14. I want these pencils

15. Trinity College Library – Dublin

16. Unfortunately, just a painting – not reality

17. I am not that crazy, the pumpkin seeds settled themselves in this way

18. Perfect gradient

19. Little snowy street in Ireland

20. Endless field of tulips

Do you feel more relaxed now? Which one calmed you down the most? Tell us in comments.