20 Photos Showing That Australia Has More To Offer Than Just Kangaroos.

Australia is the smallest continent and one of the largest countries in the world. Except for many natural beauties like the largest sand Islands and beaches, Australia is the homeland of 21 of the world’s 25 most venomous snakes. However, Australia has way more things to surprise than that.
Beautiful World would like to present you 20 photos that will make you add Australia to your “must visit” places. This place is not for nervous people!

The temperature below 90oF is considered as cold

From now on your bed friend is fan.

Creativity is the main way to fight against hot temperature

The seatbelt buckle turned into a hot iron

It’s so hot, that you keep all your clothes and shoes in the fridge

They your shoes look in summer

I opened cool water and found out that there is no difference, hot water comes out of both taps.

“Jedi” is in the official list of religions in Australia.

Australian police are very dangerous.

Even spiders try to escape the hear.

It seems that there are also some cute animals

My little friend

The animals in Australia are so clever that they film a movie

Sometimes it happens that you can meet a crocodile on the streets

The biggest cattle station in the world is located in Australia and is bigger than Israel.

It seems instead of Santa kangaroos are coming for Christmas.

This pig stole all our alcohol, drunk it and started a fight with a cow. And this is a real story!

24 rabbits were released in Australia in 1859 and it became a total disaster of rabbits.

Even trees might bite you in Australia

An interesting fact: in 1970 a farmer declared his farm an independent country. Until now the province Hutt River Province has its own currency and government.

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