20 pictures depicting daily activities of the past that seem really strange now.

The past sometimes seems strange to us. Even if historians unveil many interesting facts, there is still something undiscovered. From the textbooks, we can get to know the number of wars, dates of someone becoming a king or a president. However, we can’t know what people thought at that time, what they liked, what they did in their daily life.
Beautiful World decided to share with you some photos of the past, that will shock your imagination and help you understand the mindset of our ancestors.

1. This is how beauty contests were held in Cliftonville in 1936.

2. Suntan vending machine, California, 1949

4. Hair straightening in 1969s

5. Ladies color their legs to free themselves from stocking, 1941

6. Still actual, 1931, USA

7. Deal with your toothache with cocaine, 1885

8. During the car trade show, a 24-year-old model Julie Desmond climbs out of the back of a Russian Moskvich, 1971

9. Mobile church with a priest as a driver, 1922

10. Wanna learn touch typing? Best gloves for that were invented in 1961, USA

11. A process of record-baking omelet preparation. The omelet had 7200 eggs inside it. USA, 1931

12. A way to entertain children in Great Britain, 1973

13. Euphonia – automation that can imitate human speech.

14. In the 1960s the pictures of children were used for cigarettes advertisement

15. Child’s car sits in the 1940s

16. The Ghost Team – During the 1974th

World Cup games, the Argentinian football team had to play against Bolivia in Bolivia’s home venue. The Argentinian players suffered a lack of oxygen and were taken to Tilcara to practice and become acclimatized to attitude. Because of that time media coverage, that didn’t know where the team was practicing and couldn’t find them, they called them “The Ghost team”.

17. Before inventing the vaccine against diphtheria

18. The workers at Walt Disney Studios build an automated caveman in 1964

19. Babysitters in the 19th century weren’t treated in the best way

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