21 animals so big that it is really hard to believe they are real.

We are used to imagine animals in the size we usually see them, but Mother Nature continues surprising us with its unreal creatures. What would you do if you see a cockroach of your dog’s size? Or a dog of pony size? It is even hard to imagine it, isn’t it?
Beautiful World collected 21 creatures, that are so big that would surprise even your imagination.

1. Giant beetles in South America can grow up to more than 16 centimeters.

2. The tallest dog in the world recognized by the Guinness Book of Records

3. Incredibly large beetle. I would run instantly

4. An eagle that can hold even a teenager

5. African giant snail

6. A really big seal

7. Amazonian centipede

8. Huge freshwater manta rays

9. Stunning horse

10. Not all Japanese have short height, this is a Japanese spider crab with the longest legs in the world

11. Giant cricket

12. A real batman

13. Salamander of a man’s size

14. He can eat a boat

15. Coconut palm crabs. Imagine seeing him on your backyard

16. One of the biggest jellyfish in the world

17. A cow that can feed a whole village

18. Sea stars. Look like real stars from the sky

19. My dog thinks that the rabbit is just an ugly dog

20. A really big fog

21. Atlas moth – real beauty

Which one surprised you the most? Tell us in comments.