21 Important Things That Every Mother Must Tell Her Daughter.

Mother is the most influential person in the girl’s life. All the things a mother does, tells and loves daughters learn and repeat. It’s very significant to explain to them that the world isn’t so simple and perfect as in the fairy tales. It is the mother who has to prepare the daughter to mature life.

Beautiful World would like to share 21 important things that every mother has to tell her daughter.

1. Love doesn’t always mean happiness. From an unsuccessful relationship, you need to learn a lesson and recognize the mistakes. Never give up believing in the power of love.

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2. Being happy is a choice. It’s not a matter of faith, luck, or anything else. Happiness isn’t only in money and career.

3. One must be careful with men. It is important to remember that behind beautiful words, personal interest can be hidden.

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4. The main thing is to respect and love yourself. No man has the right to beat, insult, and humiliate you. One must have the courage to get rid of an unhealthy relationship.

5. Not everyone deserves your trust. You must listen to your intuition.

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6. Not everyone is your friend. Be with the ones who are with you in your happiness and trouble.

7. No need to hold back tears — both strong and weak women cry.

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8. Appearance is important but it’s not the most important.

9. Always have your opinion! Don’t follow the crowd and thing about the consequences.

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10. Respect the others. It’s only possible only if you love yourself.

11. Self-confidence is the key to success. Learn to accept criticism, but you shouldn’t take the other’s opinions too close to the heart.

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12. People are not always sincere. You must learn to detect the lie.

13. Do not tell everyone about your personal life. No need to cause envy.

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14. Be thankful for what you have and keep working to make it better.

15. Have a goal in your life and have plan to reach it.

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16. Always be independent. Your life is only in your hands.

17. Do good things silently.

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18. Learn to forgive. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s for your good.

19. Relationships are always hard. The main thing is to overcome everything together, talk about a conflict situation, and be able to find common ground.

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20. Live in the moment thinking about the good future. Past should become a history.

21. Live is beautiful.

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