21 People That Had A Worse Day Than You Could Imagine.

Sometimes, to feel better you just need to look at another person’s bad luck. This phenomenon is even proved by scientists. By looking at another person’s failure, your problems don’t seem serious anymore. Beautiful World decided to cheer you up and presents 21 people whose day was way worse than yours. It’s like therapy. Relax!

1. Two brothers won in the lottery. Just look at the number and you would understand, who had better gifts on the birthdays.

2. They forgot the keys in the armored car. Are there any ways to get them?

3. Professional retouch

4. The guy behind had really bad day

5. A perfect wedding photo. This was their car. I guess the groom is the one, who has to pay for the damage.

6. Fortune hates me

7. She colored her head using a package. The text of the package was printed on her head.

8. Epic photo

9. He still thinks he will enjoy coffee soon

10. This car is really expensive. I think it’s a huge problem.

11. Irony. The keys are on the string, the door is closed.

12. My neighbor decided to visit me in a very strange manner

13. First working day and the bees decided to have fun

14. Now Mario has two right hands

15. Every spot show where wireless headphones are. Hmm… close enough.

16. Printer hates me

17. It seems they were the wrong fertilizer

18. Kids forgot to close the windows. Here is the result of one night.

19. This is how the car looks after repairment, which costed $2100. I don’t know what to repair now.

20. A Chinese guy cut his finger after the bite of snake, so that the poison doesn’t go farther. After he discovered that it wasn’t poisonous snake.

21. It’s quite high to jump.

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