21 Photos That Depict The Whole Power Of Nature

Despite industrialization nature doesn’t stop proving that it is very powerful. What is created by people can easily disappear in nature.

Beautiful World would like to present you 21 photos that depict the whole power of nature overtaking civilization. By looking at them you would feel how powerless people are in front of the nature.

1. Abandoned Coaster by Stephen Patterson

2. Abandoned train in Siberia

3. Chernobyl amusement park, Ukraine

4. Ghost town

5. Aircrafts’ graveyard

6. The powerful tree

7. Inside abandoned mill in Sorrento, Italy

8. Traffic in the forest

9. Forgotten railroad

10. Ghost house in India

11. Newcastle old railroad bridge

12. Retro car

13. Forgotten motel in Virginia

14. Through time

15. Amusement park in Berlin

16. Ghost town in Nathanael Hill

17. Nature takes over

18. YSRR northbound Mill Rock

19. Vancouver Island

20. Jet fighter found on a field

Which one impressed you the most? Please tell us in the comments.