21 pictures with a German shepherd, that will make you think twice before getting one.

There is not a single dog-lover, who doesn’t love German shepherds. It all started in childhood when we were watching the famous “Inspector Rex” movie. You might remember all the series with him, and it was really fascinating to think about having such kind of good friend. However, we want to open your eyes on a quit interesting fact – almost all the shepherd owners wouldn’t suggest you getting a shepherd.
Beautiful World presents you 21 pictures of the shepherds that will make you think twice before getting one.

1. They never sleep. NEVER.

2. They don’t listen to you

3. They horrible and scaring

4. It’s impossible to take them with you

5. If he stays alone for a little bit, he destroys everything

6. They are terrible and waking you up every morning

7. They cannot love

8. They don’t like anything

9. And not cute at all

10. They don’t protect you ever

11. They cannot find common ground with other dogs

12. They are not funny at all

13. It’s not a cat for you

14. Be aware! It’s dangerous to leave kids with them

15. They behave very strange and unpredictable

16. They are not for games and fun

17. I don’t even know if it’s a dog

19. You need to put a special camouflage to fee; safe from them

20. There is always something indescribable next to them

21. They are never cute

Have we convinced you from getting a shepherd?