21 Proves That Newfoundland Dogs Are Big Fluffy Clots Of Happiness.

Dogs are our best friends, and Newfoundland dogs are the perfect evidence of that. Even though they have quite a severed look, they are adorable beings. They are one of the best housedogs because they are very friendly and kind.
Beautiful World would like to show you 21 photos that will make you fell in love with these adorable dogs at first glance. This photo made our days, and we hope they will give a portion of happiness to you too.

1. My dogs just walks with my hours

2. 16-month difference. I hope my child wouldn’t grow so fast.

3. Best friends

4. He found his perfect spot. No way to move him

5. Best friends

6. My hungry boy

7. Imagine you wake up at night and see this

8. Even if he is 70kg, he is still my baby boy

9. My best pillow

10. My whole happiness in one pic

11. And what to do if I want to go to the toilet

12. King size bad for the king

13. A really big thief

14. Ready for the sport

15. This way he asks for cookies

16. Big-big toy

17. He is not so big in reality

18. Cutest friend ever

19. He likes hugs

20. No way to move

21. Ready for the excursion

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