21 rare animals that you would hardly believe they are real.

At some point we thing we have seen everything, but here comes an animal that we hardly believe are real. Many rare animals are included in the red book, the others are simply cataloged, and however, there are some that are hard to be described. It is surprising how interesting might be the imagination of the nature and what else might be created in the future.
Beautiful World presents 21 rare animals that you have never seen before. Let’s explore the planet together!

1. Mangalitsa Pig

This is a hybrid of pig and sheep, therefore the big has a curly fur and relatively long legs.

2. Pink Fairy Armadillo

@ The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

This armadillo only comes out at nights and is the smallest breed of armadillo.

3. Highland Cow

This is one of the most interesting and eye-catching cow breeds. They are more common in Scottish countryside. Their most distinguishing feature is their fluffy, brown fur.

4. Irrawaddy Dolphin 

It is well known for its round blunt head.

5. Sun Fish 

SAN DIEGO, CA – 2010 – 2013: A diver is seen behind the enormous Mola mola, in San Diego, California.

Sun Fish might weight 2000 pounds. As you might have already guessed this fish is known as the world’s heaviest bonefish.

6. Hispaniola Solenodon

It is well known for its long flexible snout, which allows Solenodon to explore the surrounding.

7. Saiga Antelope

This breed of Antelope is more common in Russia, Kazakhstan and Western Mongolia. It is known for its snout and distinctly shaped head.

8. Blue-Footed Booby

You can guess by its name, that their exceptional feature are their blue feet.

9. Fossa

One of the most unusual abilities of the predator is to climb up and down trees headfirst.

10. Gharial

Native Indian type of crocodiles mainly eats fish. It has think mouth and is from 11 to 15 feet long.

11. Markhor Goat

This goat has impressive horns. Its horns can reach up to 4 feet height and are spiral shaped.

12. Sunda Colugo

A flying lemur, which is more common in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

13. Pangolin

They look like armors.

14. Star-Nosed Mole

Their snout has a very weird shape. The snout allows the mole to sense vibrations while hunting. This animal is more common in Northern North America.

15. Patagonian Mara

They look like tiny kangaroo, but it is actually a rodent. Unlike other rodents, it is awake during the day.

16. Babirusa

These animals are now under the danger of disappearing, however the first picture of them date back to 35.000 years ago.

17. Velella

A blue jellyfish usually floats on the surface of the ocean. The most important feature is that they are harmless to humans.

18. Malayan Colugo

The flying lemur has amazing big eyes. They eat leaves and use their wings to fly from one tree to another.

19. Gerenuk

Long neck, slender limbs this is what mainly distinguish this special breed of gazelle. Their neck is a good tool to search for food on the low-hanging branches of treas.

20. Uakari Monkey

Their red head resembles a skull; they have relatively short tail and are mainly in the northwest Amazon basin.

21. Magnificent Frigate bird 

These bird types are famous for their red, balloon type throat pouch. This pouch distinguish male Frigate bird and are to attract female birds.

Bonus: Cloud Antelope.

This is actually too unique to be real — this was created by a Cmwyvern and is an art doll!

Which of these animals have you seen? Tell us in comments.