22 captures that perfectly show the most expressive emotions.

Emotions might be difficult to deal with. People spend a lot of time to learn managing them. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing are one of the tools to learn controlling the emotions. However, we find human beings’ emotions as the most beautiful things in the world. Scientifics prove that there are over 500 emotions.
Beautiful World collected 22 pictures that perfectly show how funny and bright the world is with the humans’ emotions.

1. I guess this guy isn’t very enthusiastic with the new puppy

2. Face your fears

3. My grandma wanted to see the ocean before going to the hospital

4. Mother is a mother. All the pain of the mother monkey on her face

5. Catch me if you can

6. Spinning my nephew as fast as possible

7. When you use bad language next to Santa

8. He doesn’t like photography

9. She wanted to be a road on the Halloween. Parents found the best solution

10. My cat adores cakes

11. Parents joined the crying kid, when he saw Santa

12. My daughter was sitting very quiet in the back seat. It seemed suspicious. When I turned back, I saw this.

13. My dad kicked the ass of Chuck Norris

14. When you get a really big portion

15. Drama queen

16. Someone doesn’t enjoy the party

17. My dog saw me when I was talking via Skype. His reaction is priceless

18. She said yes

19. My grandmas reaction when she first used video call

20. The girl in the black saw her nightmare

21. He really missed me

22. Monday morning be like…

What kind of special emotional moments did you have? Tell us in comments.