22 People Who Resemble Celebrities So Much That They Might Give An Autograph To Fans.

We are not used to seeing celebrities in the subway or cafes. Some people were lucky enough to meet Angelina Jolie in their town and take her autograph. We are sorry to disappoint those persons, but she might not be Angelina but her non-biological twin. Some people so much resemble celebrities, that they are usually asked for a selfie or autograph.
Beautiful World collected photos of 21 people who made someone’s dream to meet celebrity possible.

1. Angelina Jolie?

2. Cara Delevingne?

3. Anthony Hopkins?

4. Dr. House?

5. Bruce Willis?

6. Ron Weasley?

7. Donald Trump?

8. Emilia Clark?

9. Megan Fox?

10. Ksenia Shelkovskaya’s cosplay of Margery Tyrell

11. Julia Styles?

12. Harry Potter?

13. Jennifer Lawrence?

14. Amy Winehouse?

15. Sasha Grey?

16. Jason Statham?

17. Justin Bieber?

18. John Snow?

19. Leonardo DiCaprio?

20. Nicole Kidman?

21. Severus Snape?

Don’t you find it beautiful that someone’s dream came true and he/she had a cup of coffee with beautiful Angelina Jolie. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.