23+ proves that we will never beat the nature

The nature charms and scares at the same time. It seems that there are two different powers, which create destroying flood and a beautiful rose at the same time.
Beautiful World collected 25 evidences that the nature creates majestic things. It’s sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrible, but majestic.

• Tsunami in Japan

• Lightning struck during a volcanic eruption in Chile

• The largest type of water lily in the world

• This is a phenomenon that occurs very rarely – the crowns of trees do not touch each other

• A huge wave

• Lava of the volcano in Hawaii

• Beautiful and scary

• A cloud wraps around the base of the storm

• Everyone wants to see it – northern lighting

• The most mystical and graceful

• A blooming tree in the ice

• After such a disaster, there is an unexpected need to move

• Impressive tree root

• Waterfall in Iceland

• Glass stones on California Beach

• Nature is stronger anyway

• A photo for a postcard. Kamchatka, Russia.

• Yes, it’s a stone

• Smaller but stronger

• Volcanic acid lake in Kamchatka

• Another tree with amazing roots

• A brave surfer

• The channel turns pink due to fallen petals

• Ivy on the wall

• A place to stay for a night