24 Comical Illustrations Presenting How Absurd The Modern Society Is.

Comical illustrations and caricatures were always actual and always depicted the problems of the society in a funny manner. They haven’t lost their meaning even now. Austrian illustrator Gerhard Haderer drew true caricatures illustrating all the absurd aspects of our lives.
Beautiful World collected his best works and would like to present them to you. He will make you think about how we live and what to do.

1. Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t talk

2. Lost childhood

3. What is in his hand?

4. Politics as it is

5. Everyone has something for himself

6. Marketing in reality

7. He has very reach inner world

8. They know where to fly

9. Taxing policy today

10. Why we cannot find our love

11. No fish left

12. Dreaming about better but living in the same sh*t

13. Leave me alone

14. A moment of being alone

15. Party time

16. Old stuff

17. “You won’t get it anyway” © Art

18. Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t talk

19. Green go

20. Sometimes age is just a number

21. Living on the edge

22. Anyone ,help us!

23. Holidays

24. Countryside

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