24 House Bears, Who … Oh Wait, They Are Just Puppies!

What is the maximum size of the dog you have ever seen? Whatever it is, today we are going to surprise you. Some dogs are so enormous that it’s hard to believe they are not the bears or some mystical creatures.
Beautiful World would like to present you 24 photos of incredibly big dogs that are bigger than you could ever imagine. The most surprising is that they are only puppies.

1. My little puppy who occupies the whole room

2. My puppy always has a seat in the subway

3. I dreamt about a dog with whom I would lie on the sofa and enjoy movies. I have no room on the sofa anymore.

4. A perfect selfie with the best friend

5. He is twice as big as I am. As you see he has more rights for the bed.

6. He found the treats

7. The difference is only 3 months

8. I cannot breathe

9. My dangerous, cute, lovely guard

10. He still things he is a puppy and can fit in my lap

11. Look at this huge fluffy happiness

12. My mood after Christmas’ eve

13. Perfect duo

14. I can fit in his stomach

15. I am as tall as he is while sitting

16. Find the dog. Not so difficult, isn’t it?

17. My winter blankets

18. Look at this cutie

19. He is a giant

20. One year ago, I was still the owner of a cute puppy, and then this!

21. Help me!

Would you like to pet one of these “little friends”?