33 perfect matches of outfits and their funny inspirations.

Some outfits remind something else and we keep guessing what. People in the interned did a hard work to find a perfect matching picture of a dress of celebrity or a teacher.
Beautiful World would like to present you 33 perfect matches of outfits and their funny inspirations. Look, aren’t they 100% the same?

1. Kim and a net bag. Total matching!

2. I wonder which one was the inspiration for the other

3. Gomer Simson didn’t expect this

4. I don’t even see a difference

5. When you are still a child

6. My mummy really likes this pattern

7. I got hungry

8. Mr. fashionista

9. Sometimes celebrities’ outfits inspire to create a masterpiece

10. Kardashyan has her second match

11. Hmm… I am afraid of people who look like a lamp

12. Hope the architecture wasn’t her husband

13. Imagine how many socks might be created from this carpet

14. So many similarities

15. Well… no word needed

16. I lost my child

17. I would be funny, if it weren’t so sad

18. I want her to clean my apartment

19. Hipster or homeless?

20. Cartman, is it you?

21. Why the singer holds a cat on his head?

22. Sakura

23. People like it, cats don’t

24. My little summer candy

25. No, but really, what was he inspired from?

26. A scene from Harry Potter in real life

27. Washcloth

28. Fish Meat are friends, not food

29. Unexpected

30. I home zebra isn’t in the same pose

31. Kardashyan inspires minds

32. Unbelievable

33. When you want to be invisible in the public transport

Did you have fun?