25 most funny captures of wild nature of 2019.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards surprises us with the funny captures that are made in the wild nature.
The contests appreciate not only the sense of humor of the photographer, but also the technique and skills of taking photos. Despite the funny headline, the contests have very serious goals, it helps the found of wild nature Born Free Foundation.
Beautiful World presents you the funniest of 2019. Just look at them and try not to laugh.

1. Family argues

2. Happy owl

3. Wow

4. Hiding deer

5. “She is behind me, isn’t she?”

6. Relax, take it easy

7. I am sorry

8. Catching the … of life

9. Let’s see what is inside

10. Hi!

11. Warning!

12. Hug me

13. Monday morning

15. Hello!

16. “Look at his face”

17. Snowman

19. Laughing out loud

21. Ice dancing

22. Hiding

23. Wo~w

24. Let’s got at my place

25. How it looks like when you dance when you’re drunk

Which one did you like the most? Share with us in the comments.