25 photos of people you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

Every person is unique and has something that differentiates him from the others. However, there are some people who look so special that you literally can’t take your eyes off them. The uncommon features of their appearance are really impressive and makes us thing how many incredible things there are in the world, that we have never thought about.
Beautiful World shares with you 25 photos of people who will surprise you with their unusual look.

1. His left eye is partly grey, partly brown.

2. Just charging

3. This guy’s one pupil is functioning normally, while the other one is always fixed

4. Khoudia Diop – a model with the darkest skin color in the world

5. My first full body picture

6. I can write on my skin and it looks like a rash

7. Edam has the darkest skin

9. He was born with only 4 fingers

10. Cat eye

11. Being different

12. This guy has six fingers on each hand

14. Long legs appear to be a syndrome. She is 5’8” and her legs are 3’5”

15. Her eye was removed because of genetic degradation. This is what the ocularist made as a gift

16. The color of my finger when I am cold

17. Being alike in a different way

18. This girl lacks the thumb joints and creases

19. Have you ever seen a scar on the eye?

20. Dirt on the skin but not on the scars

21. This girl has a disease and the sunlight burns her skin. So, she covered 96% of her body with tattoos.

22. Internal bruising of the finger in front of the light

23. African girl with albinism. Incredible beauty

24. He lost his leg but not the sense of humor

25. This is how the most pierced woman in the world looks like

26. A real catwalk with long legs

Do you have some unusual features in your appearance? Please share them with us in the comments.