25 photos of the Hedgehog that has more followers than many Hollywood stars.

Sometimes a photo of a cute cat, happy dog or eating mouse might bring a full-day joy to our life. Germany-based Talitha Girnus shares photos of the cutest ever hedgehog, whose adorable smile and charming face fill life with the light. The common travel photos with cute cat and adorable dogs make us believe in the honest friendship between animals. If these photos don’t bring joy into your life, then you should think about changing something.
Talitha always wanted to have a unique pet. Once she was looking for a TV program, where they were talking about Hedgehogs. From that time, she was dreaming about having one. She instantly started the researches and discovered a little cutie. She named him Pokee.

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Getting the pet Talitha opened an Instagram account and from that time she did everything to keep the little cutie and make his life much better. From the happy face of the little animal, we can see that Talitha manages in making him happy. Unfortunately, Pokee passed away 4 years ago. After that loss Talitha couldn’t find strength to continue what she began.

Even though the Instagram account reached 1.5 mln, Talitha wanted to close it. Happily, for all of us who are searching for happiness, Thaita took another hedgehog – Herbee. Herbee is a smiley little creature. A glance on a photo with him would totally change the mood of the day. Afterwards, a little kitten – Audree, joined the joyful family. The cat and little hedgehog are the cutest thing you ever saw.

Talitha says that the idea of the page is to bring light into our life. She wants that whenever you enter their page you feel motivated and always follow your heart.
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