25 photos proving that Norway is an absolutely magical place.

Beautiful landscapes, forests, mountains, colors of indescribable beauty – all this and other more is what Norway is.
Once you visit Norway, your perception of beauty wouldn’t be the same. Norway is not only rich with the natural landscapes, but also with the architecture and medieval cities.
Beautiful World collected 25 incredible places of Norway, which show the absolute majestic beauty of that country.

1. Svolvaergeite

The pinnacle of 150 meter is located on the Northern edge of Svolvaer village. The peak was first conquered in 1910th and the view from there is absolutely stunning.

2. Reine

Reine is a small fishing village on an arctic island. There are only 329 habitants there and they live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

3. Odda

Odda is a small Norwegian town which has less than 7400 habitants. The town is located on the slope of the mountain and a crystal-clear lake is located just in front of it. A small piece of paradise.

4. Renndølsetra

This village looks like a Sheer of Hobbits – little, natural, beautiful and calm. There are many farms and beautiful valleys that you would definitely enjoy.

5. Trolltunga

One of the most famous touristic places -Trolltunga, which means the tongue of Troll. This stone was created thousand years ago and still amaze the visitors.

6. Queda Fossen Waterfall

7. Tjøme

8. Lofoten Islands

9. Old Villa

A small village of around 350 habitants that has only a library, one supermarket and bar and restaurant inside it.

10. Ramberg

Red Cabin on Ramberg Beach, Lofoten Islands, Norway

11. Fjord houses

12. Bondhus lake

13. Borgund Wooden Church

This interesting church was built in 12th century but stayed until our days despite the severe climate and time. Nowadays it’s a museum and is one of the most visited places in Norway.

14. Senja

Senja is the second largest island in Norway.

15. Aurora borealis over the town of Bugoines

16. Rogaland, Gullingen

17. Skydiving Station, Lillehammer

18. King Oscar Chapel, Jacobselva Border

19. Fawang, Gudbrandsdalen

20. Trollstiegen

Otherwise it’s called the stairway of trolls.

21. Lake Misty Skippyjon

22. Bad, west coast of Norway

23. Fisherman Cabin, Ungdal

24. Sunrise in Norway

25. Norwegian glacier

Norway is an incredible place to discover. Have you ever visited it? Share with us your beautiful pictures from Norway.