26 photos showing the pollution of the oceans, and they are terrifying …

Every year on Earth there are more and more people who continually pollute the atmosphere and its surface. And we do not talk about the exhaust gases and chemical waste, however, they might cause even larger damage to the environment.
We found 26 photos that clearly show how dangerous human activity is. After all, if we continue to live like this, in a couple of decades there will be nothing left. Water sources are as important as air, but not everyone understands it. People continue to pollute the environment.

In Guatemala, things that can be recycled and used again are collected, but the rest is left in the water.

Pipe factory, which drains waste in the Yangtze River.

The Gulf of Mexico is full of oil.

The pond in Andhra Pradesh was turned into a big dump.

In Bangladesh, there are remains of a glue factory.

Oil poured from a sunken tanker that soiled penguins

Disco Bay of Greenland looks like this.

The bird got stuck in the oil. After taking the picture, it died.

The same Gulf of Mexico, where you can “catch” oil because of the many oil rigs nearby.

The turtle shell was deformed due to the plastic form.

Birds in New Zealand die because of the oil transports.

The wounded dolphin swam up to the bay in New York.

Mumbai residents dump their rubbish into the Ulhas River.

In Nicaragua in the city of El Crucero, there is no drinking water. According to statistics most Africans suffer from this problem and cannot afford clean drinking water.

Production waste is thrown to Lake Dianchi in China.

At least 50 tons of fish in Wuhan Province are dying due to water pollution.

The situation in Guanabara Bay in Brazil is the same.

After an accident at the paint factory, the river in China turned red.

A pig wanted to drink water, fell into it and got stuck.

Oil spill

9 million people from Jakarta dump garbage in the Tsitrum River, which is recognized as the dirtiest river in the world.

Another river in Bangladesh.

Ganges river, because of which Indians fall ill and die.

And this is Russia. The river in Barnaul .

We hope that this selection will reach many people who will listen and will clean up at least for themselves. And then, one day, the planet will become cleaner.