25 unbelievable shots from National Geographic

National Geographic hold a prestigious NG Photo Contest, where thousands of photographers send their masterpieces to.
We collected impressive photos of the winners and the finalists, and they are no word do describe their beauty!

1st place: The whale’s whispers.

2nd Place: Workers, Bangladesh

3rd place: Camel racers

Hiding behind the leaves


The Grand Prismatic Spring

Mommy’s home!

The red route

Hello, man!

Death Valley, nighttime.

An unexpected meeting

Waking up with the sun.

You’re such a funny dude.

Northern lights

The mount of chocolate “Toblerone”

Such a kind guy

The anger

A moment to love


I see you!

A storm and the sunset

Let’s hug

Yosemite Valley

Catch me if you can

Right or left?